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The Dimple Making Machine- Want Dimples? Device will make them

Dimple making machinedimple making machineArticle of the dimple making machine


Want Dimples? The device will make them- said an article in 1923 demonstrating the dimple making machine.

Who doesn’t like deep dimples?

But dimples are not something everyone has. They are deep cutaneous depressions on the cheek or chin and are mostly hereditary.

In 1936 Mrs. Evangeline Isabella Gilbert of  Rochester, New York invented the dimple machine, a machine when worn over the cheeks claimed to create dimples. It was a weird-looking device and had wires that could dent the face. The advertisement released by her claimed that continual use could result in a fine set of dimples.

A patent for the product was filed by Evangeline I. Gilbert on Sept 26th, 1923. It was classified as a face shaping device. The description read – “One object of the invention is to provide a construction which will make it possible to produce dimples in the chin of the user. Another object of the invention is to provide a construction in which dimples may be made simultaneously in the chin and both cheeks. Still another object of the invention is to provide a means of adjusting the cheek dimple producing devices on the supporting means to obtain different positions and/or to obtain different pressures on the cheeks of the user”.

Mrs. Gilbert made up to 12000 dollars in profit from the sale of this product. She also had other beauty products in her collection.

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Veena Srivastava is a News Contributor for QuackTrack, an Advertising and PR professional,  Storyteller, and Life Skills Facilitator & Trainer.


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