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QuackTrack is an independent website  that promises to serve audiences by bringing to spotlight distinctive content and news on healthcare, medical research, wellness, evidence-based science, and also raise awareness about the dangers of pseudoscience and quackery.

To build awareness, QuackTrack is building content in a unique and powerful way. QuackTrack creates and aggregates distinctive information and stories related to healthcare and science.


We will

  • Try to create an exclusive repository of news related to healthcare, medical research, wellness, and science.
  • Provide audiences with knowledge-based journalism that is responsible, ethical and backed by evidence.
  • Create a corpus of academic and research material on medical and health-related subjects
  • Provide free access to the people around the world to share the best practices and collaborate with us on developing smart and practical solutions.
  • Provide content that is based on facts and research and that is free of commercial or political bias.
  • Be open, honest, and transparent in our reporting.

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