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Indore: Fake Doctor Arrested

fake doctor

Fake MBBS doctor arrested in Gautampura, Indore. Representative image

A fake MBBS doctor was arrested by the police on Friday in the Gautampura area of Indore district.

The police while enquiring about his educational qualifications found that the fake doctor, Khalil Ahmad did not have a medical degree and was, in fact, a fifth-grade dropout.

The fake doctor was running a clinic illegally and treating villagers for a long time.

When questioned he couldn’t even tell the full form of MBBS to the team of police and medical officers.

Acting on a complaint, the police along with some medical officers raided the clinic. Several medicines were seized from the clinic.

According to the police, the accused Khalil Ahmad worked under some doctor in West Bengal prior to starting his own clinic in Gautampura.

On the display board of his clinic, he claimed to treat a range of diseases from infertility to cancer with guaranteed results. It was found that he mentioned his degree as  MBBS, D. Ortho (Patna), MS (Patna) on his display board and the prescription letterhead.

It was also revealed that to treat pain, he used to inject the patient in the place where the pain originated.

The fake doctor was arrested under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code. The clinic has been sealed and further investigation is on.


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