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Blot of blood or a handwriting sample to diagnose an ailment.

blood to diagnose

Image by TULIA COLOMBIA TORRES HURTADO from PixabayAlbert Abrams (December 8, 1863 – January 13, 1924) was an American physician, well known during his life for inventing machines, such as the “Oscilloclast” and the “Radioclast”, which he falsely claimed could diagnose and cure almost any disease.

These claims were challenged from the outset. He invented the Dynamizer and claimed it could diagnose any known disease from a single drop of blood or alternatively the patients handwriting.

He performed diagnoses on dried blood samples sent to him on pieces of paper in envelopes through the mail. Abrams claimed that all parts of the body emit electrical impulses with different frequencies that vary with health and disease; illnesses — as well as age, sex, religion, and location — could be diagnosed by “tuning in” on patient’s blood or handwriting samples with one of his devices; and that diseases could be treated by feeding proper vibrations into the body with another of his devices.

Abrams developed thirteen devices claimed to detect such frequencies and/or cure people by matching their frequencies. Towards the end of his life, and again shortly after his death, many of his machines and conclusions were demonstrated to be intentionally deceptive or false

Abrams was accused of fraudulently claiming a medical qualification from the University of Heidelberg.



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