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About Us

QuackTrack is an independent organization that promises to serve audiences by bringing to spotlight distinctive content and news on healthcare, wellness, evidence-based science and also raise awareness about the dangers of pseudoscience and quackery.

To build awareness, QuackTrack is building content in a unique and powerful way. QuackTrack creates, aggregates and distributes distinctive information and stories that increase people’s understanding of academic fraud and the complexity of the problem. It is our understanding that stories such as these can give an insight into the problems and challenges in the education sector and hopefully make a difference.


We will

  • Try to create an exclusive repository of news related to healthcare, wellness, and science.
  • Provide audiences with knowledge-based journalism that is responsible, ethical and backed by evidence.
  • Create a corpus of academic and research material on related subject areas to provide the public with clarity and insight into the problems faced due to quacks, and people operating with fake credentials.
  • Provide free access to the people around the world to share the best practices and collaborate with us on developing smart and practical solutions.
  • Provide content that is based on facts and research and that is free of commercial or political bias.
  • Be open, honest, and transparent in our reporting.

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